1. 5 fun St Patrick’s Day activities for seniors!

    St Patrick’s Day is here! Here are some fun filled ideas to spend the day with your senior loved one. Below is a list of some activities everyone can enjoy (Don’t forget to wear green to avoid a pinch!)   Plan a St Patrick’s day themed dinner. Meal prep some corned beef and cabbage, green…Read More

  2. How do I know if my Caregiver is Vaccinated?

    You've probably heard in the news lately that Florida will fine businesses $5,000 per person for requiring proof of vaccination. Those reports are regarding violations of Florida Statute Sec. 381.00316, effective as of July 1, 2021. That law prevents businesses from requiring that patrons or custome…Read More

  3. Hurricane Preparedness 2021 – What Seniors and Others Can Do Now

    We, in southwest Florida, have been relatively lucky recently with hurricanes. Although we were hit by Irma in 2017 and Wilma in 2005, hurricane disasters have not been an annual event like in some other parts of the US. Still, one never knows when a hurricane might appear. So that we are able to ta…Read More

  4. Young aide holding hands with elderly patient.

    What Makes a Good Home Health Aide?

    In recent years, statistics show that the majority of the elderly population in the United States would prefer to stay in their current home for long despite restrictions of aging, chronic illness, cognition, or disability. Home health aides with specialized training provide hands-on care to seniors…Read More

  5. Helping a Parent Adjust to In-Home Healthcare

    For a large number of people, admitting that they need help can be incredibly difficult. After a lifetime of doing things themselves, working for themselves, and managing all of the daily chores and responsibilities that occur, it’s understandable that someone wouldn’t want to give up control of…Read More

  6. What Caregivers Should Know About After Stroke Care

    Caring for an aging loved one can be hard regardless of their physical or mental condition; but for seniors who have had a stroke, caregivers often take on considerable responsibility. Depending on the severity, stroke patients may face challenges with mobility, such as walking or using their arms, …Read More

  7. What Does Companion Care Mean?

    The truth is that we are social beings; even those who like and need their alone time need some type of interaction with other people to keep their mind and body healthy. But for many elderly who live alone, who may not have a lot of family around, getting older is met with social challenges, in add…Read More

  8. Deciding Between Home Health Care or a Nursing Home

    When the health of a loved one is on the fine line between being able to stay at home and needing to go to a nursing home facility, it causes an incredible amount of pain and heartache for the family. Of course, everyone wants a senior loved one to be able to stay at home, but when medical assistanc…Read More