A private caregiver can provide so much. From senior companion services, such as helping with light housekeeping, engaging the individual with hobbies and games, or assisting with grocery shopping, to personal care services, such as preparing meals, assisting with dressing, or offering medication reminders, a private caregiver can ensure the individual is receiving much-needed care to thrive at home. Here in Naples, FL, Collier Home Care is dedicated to providing private in-home care of the highest quality. Also known as private duty care, our services can be customized to meet you or a loved one where you are. Contact us today to learn more!

  1. A neatly made bed with pillows, next to a nightstand with a light.

    Overnight Care Cases: When Is 24-Hour Care Beneficial?

    Private in-home care can take different forms. There is personal care, where a caregiver comes to the individual’s home for a specified number of hours each day to help with getting dressed and groomed, assist with meals, and offer services related to daily living tasks. Private in-home care can a…Read More

  2. Older person at home washing garden vegetables.

    Where Can I Turn To For 24-Hour Care For Myself Or A Loved One?

    Even if you are a very independent person, there may come a time when you need 24-hour home care, either temporarily or indefinitely. Or perhaps your loved one is already there, needing 24-hour home care help with everything from climbing out of bed to getting dressed, and everything from assistance…Read More