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Nursing Professionals Providing Home Healthcare & Light Housekeeping

When there are health or mobility issues, taking care of things around the house can become dangerous. From doing the dishes to laundry, vacuuming, and putting clean sheets on the bed, seniors living at home may no longer be able to do these chores without putting themselves at risk. That’s where Collier Home Care can help. We have a team of skilled CNAs (certified nursing assistants) and HHAs (home health aides) who can provide light housekeeping to ensure that your home is clean and tidy. For deep cleaning chores, we can help get you in touch with our sister company. Clean 360. Learn more about how we can help, and get in touch with our home health care agency today.

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Light Housekeeping Chores Collier Home Care Can Help With:

  • Washing the Dishes
  • Putting Dishes Away
  • Wiping Down Countertops and Tables
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Changing Bed Linens

House Cleaning

Collier Home Care Can Help With Housekeeping Chores

Cleaning is a challenge for most people as they try to find the time to make their homes presentable in between work, family responsibilities, and life. While it’s never easy, housekeeping can be particularly tough for the elderly or those who are becoming dependent on others for help or homebound. In fact, it is often the first service that a senior needs in their home.

At Collier Home Care, we are committed to helping seniors throughout Naples, Florida live independently, comfortably, and safely in their homes. Maintaining cleanliness in the home is critical to this objective as seniors are more susceptible to getting sick and, when they do, it is often much harder for them to get well again.

Light Housekeeping Versus a House Cleaning Service

People often confuse light housekeeping that a home health aide provides and a house cleaning service.

  • Light housekeeping is a service provided by CNAs and HHAs and includes light duties such as washing dishes, putting dishes away, cleaning off countertops, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, laundry, and changing bed linens.
  • House cleaning and deep cleaning chores are separate services offered through our sister company, Clean 360. These chores include sanitizing the toilet, sanitizing the tub/shower, cleaning out cabinets, cleaning the fridge, and cleaning the oven – chores that are outside a CNA’s or HHA’s scope of practice.

Since we understand everyone has different needs, we’ll meet with you or a loved one to develop a personalized cleaning plan.

Clean 360 Services:

  • Cleaning the bathrooms (disinfecting toilets, tub/shower disinfected, sinks scrubbed and disinfected, mirrors cleaned, trash emptied, etc.)
  • Cleaning the kitchen (countertops and backsplash disinfected, sinks scrubbed and disinfected, cabinets cleaned, trash emptied, appliance exteriors cleaned, fridge exterior/interior cleaned, microwave exterior/interior cleaned, etc.)
  • Cleaning the living room, halls, bedrooms, etc. (general straightening, vacuuming, dusting, baseboards dusted, trash emptied, etc.)
  • Laundry (washing clothes, putting clothes away, changing bed linens, etc.)

Collier Home Care and Clean 360 can work together to keep your home well sanitized and help keep you healthy so that you can enjoy living in your own home!

Collier Home Care is a local, family-owned, and insured in-home health care agency in Naples, Florida. Our team of CNAs and HHAs are passionate about helping seniors live in the comfort of their own home while remaining safe and healthy. Because cleaning chores can be dangerous when there are health or mobility issues, we will be there to offer compassionate assistance. We offer a variety of elder care services to ensure that your healthcare and companion care needs are being met. Get in touch with our in-home care providers today to learn more.